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Places to shop in Mumbai

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Known as the fashion capital of the country, over the years Mumbai has become the trendsetter in fashion. Bombay has been India's major fashion hub that churns out the latest trends in the world of fashion. Mumbai has an array of national and international outlets that offer the latest fads of the globe. Mumbai houses some of the most prestigious international brands that are not found anywhere else in the country. Apart from the high class brand outlets, Mumbai also offers a number of street markets that offer just everything under the sun. Places like Fashion Street; Crawford Market and Linking Road are undoubtedly the most famous places to shop for both the locals as well as the tourists. The best thing about these markets is that there products do not come with a fixed price tag, hence if you are a skilled bargainer then you can get the best of things at the most competitive rates.

Below is a list of the important places to shop in Mumbaibr />

Crawford market

If you are a shopaholic then this is where you should be. Crawford market situated in the North of Victoria terminus in South Mumbai is one of the most vibrant markets in the city. Full of energy and life this market is dedicated to fresh flowers, fruits, meat and fish along with a whole lot of imported food stuff that are not found anywhere else in India.It also offers the most exciting a range of décor and fabric shops. The vibrancy and enthusiasm spread across this market is something that makes shopping in this market the most memorable experience of your life. br />

Linking Road

You can shop till you drop in Linking Road. The long stretch of Linking Road joins Bandra to Khar and offers a number of showrooms and shops on both sides of the road. Ranging from international brands to Chinese goods or junk jewellery the various shops in Linking road are stacked with merchandize that simply leave you staring. You follow the latest trends in fashion be it Shoes, bags, fake jewelry or clothing then the famous pavements of Linking road are just the right place for you shop in. However the magic of Linking Road lies in the fact that the shops in this street market offer exact replicas of some of the best brands in the world.

Zaveri Bazaar

One of the markets in Mumbai specially reserved for selling Jewellery, Zaveri Bazaar popular as golden market is the best place to shop in for accessories. The hustle and bustle of this market is unique in its self. One of the largest open markets in the country that displays such an outstanding plethora of gold, silver and diamond jewelry The Zaveri Bazaar attracts tourist from all parts of the globe. If you want to witness stacks of lovely handmade accessories like chains, ear rings, pretty little coasters, statues of animals, old coins and bracelets at absolutely mind blowing prices then this is just the apt place to shop in.