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Mumbai Weather

The weather in Mumbai is generally humidity all round the year while the climate of the city is tropically wet and dry. Placed in the tropical zone, with closeness to the sea, the city enjoys a consistent weather. It can be divided into three main climatic seasons, the summers (March-May), monsoons (June-September) and the winters (November-February).

During the summers, the minimum temperature of Mumbai is 25°C while the maximum is 35°C. Monsoons hit Mumbai with heavy rainfall. The annual rainfall of Mumbai is 2,200 mm. In winters, the climate is pleasant with minimum temperature of 15°C and maximum temperature25°C.

The weather and climate in Mumbai can be described according to the months in the following manner:

January - It is the coolest month for Mumbai with daily minimum and maximum temperature of 16.4°C and 30.6°C respectively. The weather is pleasant and mild. During the day time, the temperature rises to a maximum of 27°C and at night it lowers down to 17°C. Cold northern winds blow in the city during the daytime.

February - Till the first fortnight the minimum daily temperature remains at 17.3°C while the maximum is 31.3°C. Day temperatures vary from 29 to 30 °C and at night it is 17 °C. In the second fortnight there is increase in the humidity that can make the day temperature rise to 32 °C.

March - The month of March has a daily minimum and maximum temperature of 20.6°C and 32.7°C respectively. The beginning of March sees night temperatures reach. The days reach. In the beginning of the month, the day temperature rises to a maximum of 30 to 33 °C and at night it lowers down to 15 °C. In the middle of March the maximum and minimum temperatures are 37 °C and 18 °C with unbearable humidity. Smog also affects Mumbai during this time.

April - although the month of April experiences high temperatures and humidity yet the cool sea breezes surround the atmosphere. The highest temperature during the day time is 33.1°C while the daily lows are 23.7°C.

May - It is the hottest month for Mumbai with maximum temperature of 33.3°C and the minimum being 26.1°C.

June - Monsoon hits Mumbai in June. The maximum and minimum temperatures are 31.9°C and 25.8°C respectively.

July - It is characterized by continuous rain. The maximum and minimum temperatures are 29.8°C and 24.8°C respectively.

August - The climate in August is same as that of July. The maximum and minimum temperatures are 29.3°C and 24.5°C respectively.

September - The intensity of rain in this month decreases. The monsoons end officially in the 3rd week. The maximum and minimum temperatures are 30.1°C and 24.0°C respectively.

October - The maximum and minimum temperatures are 32.9°C and 23.1°C respectively with hot days and cold nights.

November - The temperature starts dropping with minimum temperatures at 20.5°C and the maximum at 33.4°C. This month is characterized by There are a unseasonal showers.

December - The day temperatures are around 32.0°C. The nights in the first half of December have a temperature of 18 °C. By late December the temperatures during the day and night are 28-31 °C and 12 °C respectively. Humidity is very low.

There are two weather monitoring stations in Mumbai, one located at Santacruz Airport and one at Navy Nagar near Colaba.

The best time to visit Mumbai is in the winter during the months of November to February.