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Adventure Sports in Mumbai

People call you crazy, they never admire your activities and always fear that you might beget some complication in your family life, but you feel you have a spark inside. You can’t stay confined within cubic stupidity and calmness of your home, always feel an urge to go out, spread out for more. If this is the picture, you are a perfect adventure sports person.

Mumbai as well as Maharastra is a land where you can materialize your desires, your dangerous intentions at ease. Because of the geographical diversity of the place and the many arrangements made from the government and non-government sectors, there are many options at your hand.


If you are a die-hard aficionado of rappelling which is one of most thrilling adventure sports of all time. Just ninety minutes drive from Mumbai will get you to Karjat, a place grown most popular for this adventure game. The Jungle Lore, a specially designed secured training package will wipe away all the trepidation of your mind and prepare your nerves for the game of rappelling. The best time to get there is the monsoon when the cascades roar all the way thousand feet down. Strip up yourself hard because a single mistake can make your body unrecognizable within seconds. For 1350 INR per person, you can simply have your gang gathered there to make the most out of this adventure sport.

Whitewater rafting

If you have the knack for whitewater rafting, you will find it at the Kundalika River. For and a half hours drive from Mumbai will get you to this river where rafting is an adventure sports enjoyed by all. Even in the heavy shower, the river torrents never go beyond the danger limit and thus gift you a pleasant rafting experience. The versatile river Kundalika has reasons to amaze you. First of all, if you go between June and September, the river takes the fiercest shape in places where your craft will be tossed for the and back with the savage waves. Later, you will just fall in love with this adventure sports as some parts of the river are calm enough to let you cherish the scenic beauty of the area. So, serenity and excitement go0 hand in hand in this adventure sports which costs just 2000 to 2850 INR per person.


Paragliding in the verdant Western Ghat is one of the most popular adventure sports in Mumbai. If you have long craved for flying but never managed to get a pair of wings, a short trip to the western Ghat will make your dream come true. Far from the madding crowd, you will be fastened tight to a practiced mentor and you have to just fly and taste the ambrosia of the aerial view which can not be expressed in words. If you want to try out this adventure sports in Mumbai, you will have to pay just 2000 INR for a single joyride. For three to five days courses, it will cost you between 14,500 INR and 98,500 INR.