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Entertainment and Recreation in Mumbai

Entertainment and Recreation

A healthy amusement & entertainment plays an important role in the psychological as well as physical growth of a person. Hence, it becomes a necessity for human beings to socialize and entertain themselves besides fulfilling the fundamental requirements of life. Post completion of a hassled day or week, Mumbaikars find out their own ways to entertain themselves by hanging around to different places like movie halls, shopping malls, sports complexes, tourist resorts etc. Mumbai is realizing the keen requirement of various recreational facilities.

The hidden legacy and the enchantment in its attractive tourist spots only get revealed once you visit the city. Mumbai is so lively that an outsider can fail to differentiate between its day and night life.
Being a place of fairs and festivals, the city is in itself a treasure of recreational activities and offers multi-dimensional entertainments. The city will never let you feel the scarcity of recreational activities. The Entertainment and Recreation in Mumbai brings you a number of options to spend your leisure time from incredible shopping to exciting fun activities, from yummy delicacies to an amazing nightlife, from enjoying a memorable sightseeing to exploring other fun-filled attractions.

Mumbai is one of the best places to visit for people who love shopping. Wayside shopping is the most desired amongst both residents and tourists.
Powai Lake is a must visit for people looking for only rest and relaxation. This destination assists both locals and tourists experience a virtual heaven.
The city has also got some art galleries and famous museums like the Prince of Wales Museum, where artistically inclined people can take a pleasurable glance of the excellent pieces of paintings and arts belonging to Rajput, Mughal, Pahari and Deccani schools of paintings. To name a few more are Jehangir Art Gallery in Mahatma Gandhi Road Fort, National Gallery of Modern Art in Colaba etc.

The metropolis is famous for its vibrant nightlife. Some of the best nightlife destinations are Firangi Paani, Hawaiian Shack, Hard Rock Cafe, Insomnia, Enigma, Polly Esther's, Vie Lounge and Bar, J49 and R etc. where party hoppers are being entertained with a unique mix of music played by DJs. The city has also got some Pubs and Discos for children.

Apart from the above-mentioned recreations, Mumbai also owns some interesting amusement places like Essel World, Nishiland Water Park, Great Escape, Shangrila Water Park, Suraj Water Park, Tikuji Ni Wadi Fun Resort etc. which offers visitors innumerable exciting activities.
People can even enjoy fresh air by visiting the exotic beaches. Those beaches attracts crowd who just love to laze around.
Adventure lovers can have a thrilling trekking and rock climbing experience if they can once take the hassle to visit Dadar which offers a number of activities challenging your mental and physical guts.

For movie-buffs, the metropolitan's treasury of entertainment includes one of the best multiplexes, auditoriums and theatre halls. These multiplexes also accommodate a plethora of movies, eateries, shopping and varied recreational facilities. People can socialize amongst themselves in the auditoriums and theatre halls through drama, dance, music concerts and other cultural activities held there. So select from the wide range of entertainment and recreations in Mumbai and unloose yourself while your are on a tour to Mumbai.