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About - Mumbai

Formerly known as Bombay, Mumbai is the capital of the state of Maharashtra. Mumbai lies on the western coast of India. An amalgamation of seven islands that lie on the Arabian Sea, (Colaba, Mumbai, Mazagaon, Old Woman's island, Wadala, Mahim, Parel, and Matunga Sion) make up the famous city of Mumbai. Popularly referred to as the city that never sleeps; Mumbai is the industrial, financial, and celluloid hub of India.

Mumabi was first ruled by the Hindu Dynasties, then the Mughals and finally the Portuguese. The Portuguese named the city Bombay which meant Good Bay. Mumbai was handed over to the East India Company in 1668. The tables turned from there, Mumbai stared growing as a major industrial hub in the country due to the shift of the ship building industry from Surat to Mumbai.

One of the most important cities in the country Mumbai is the major business hub of India and hence derives the reputation of being the financial capital of the country. Mumbai accounts for a major share of the GDP of the country. Mumbai is said to be the manufacturing seat of industries like health care, diamond polishing and shipbuilding. Besides being the financial & commercial capital of the country Mumbai is accredited for having one of the largest cotton textile industries in the country. Mumbai also holds the honor of owning the biggest and busiest port in India. Mumbai also has the largest source of oil and natural Gas in India. The Bombay Stock Exchange is the largest stock exchange in the Indian sub continent. Mumbai is also the capital of India's Pharmaceutical Trade and Industry.

A mega cosmopolitan city, Mumbai offers a paradox of calm seas, fishing boats and a fast paced life unlike any other city in the Indian sub continent. Eminent for sea trade Mumbai shelters the largest harbor in the country.

Mumbai is a blend of people belonging to various castes, culture, and religion. The language spoken here is Hindi, but the official state language is Marathi. The city is multilingual multi religious and multi cultural. Mumbai also happens to be the celluloid capital of India. Synonymous with Bollywood, Mumbai is the home of many popular film stars of the country. Incidentally Mumbai was also the country’s first city to shelter the first Imax dome theatre as well as a number of cinema multiplexes. Mumbai also has famous film studios like Film City in Goregaon, Natraj in Andheri, and RK Studio in Chembur.
From the point of tourism Mumbai offers an amazing array of places to visit. There are excellent options for expeditions to the neighboring hill stations and ancient caves that surround Mumbai. For the shoppers and the food freaks, Mumbai is an absolute visit. Mumbai offers an array of some of the best heritage restaurants in the country. Mumbai sees a huge influx of tourists every year who come to this city from different corners of the globe to be a part of the glitz and glamour associated with Mumbai. Synonymous with shopping Mumbai offers some of the most exquisite brand names that are not found in any other part of this country. Apart from its high end elite shopping malls and specialty stores Mumbai offers the most exciting collection of street bazaars.